Feral Cat Rescue/Research
Our Location

The Feral Cat Rescue/Research shelter is located in Severn, MD for tame and adoptable cats and also for feral cats. The shelter is kept clean by our volunteers. All of our volunteers have to help clean the shelter at some point in time. We are a no kill facility and the adoptable cats stay with us for as long as it takes for them to find their “forever” home. The feral cats stay with us for as long as they may live.

We are an “open” shelter, which means that there are no cages and the cats are free to roam about and interact with each other. There are cat trees, beds and windows for their amusement. We even have a screened-in open air additions in which the cats can get fresh air. Wonderful cats and kittens, ready to be adopted, can be seen at the Shelter by appointment. Most of our kittens are now in foster homes, thanks to our wonderful foster volunteers. Visit Feral Cat Rescue/Research and see how really fabulous these cats and kittens are.

Feral Cat Rescue is located here in Severn, Maryland

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